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DGA Visual History Herb Adelman Herb Adelman
Larry Albucher Interview Larry Y. Albucher
Visual History Felix Alcala Hero Félix Alcalá
Robert Altman interview
Robert Altman
Interviewed By: Lee Grant
Ken Annakin Interview Ken Annakin
Visual History 158 Michael Apted
Michael Apted
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan...
Larry Auerbach Interview
Larry Auerbach
Interviewed By: Joshua White
Avildsen Interview John Avildsen
John Badham Interview John Badham
Balash Interview Muriel Balash
VH236 Hero Norberto Barba
Richard Bare Interview Richard Bare
Beaudine Interview William Beaudine Jr.
Harold Becker Interview Harold Becker
Bellini DeSomone Interview Francesca Bellini De Simone
Richard Benjamin Interview Richard Benjamin
Yudi Bennett Interview
Yudi Bennett
Interviewed By: Liz Ryan
Benton Interview Robert Benton
VH205 Ed Bianchi Hero Ed Bianchi
Bill Interview Tony Bill
Binder Interview Steve Binder
Jeff Bleckner Jeff Bleckner
Bertrand Blier interview Bertrand Blier
Bloom Interview Arthur Bloom
Bert Bluestein Interview Burt Bluestein
Bogart Interview Paul Bogart
Peter Bogdanovich Interview
Peter Bogdanovich
Interviewed By: Raymond De Felitta
VH191 John Boorman John Boorman
Brockway Interview Merrill Brockway
Browning Interview Kirk Browning
James D. Brubaker James D. Brubaker (1937-2023)
VH237 Hero Closeup Bryan Buckley
James Burrows Interview
James Burrows
Interviewed By: Michael Lembeck
Capra Jr Interview Frank Capra Jr.
Larry Carpenter Interview Larry Carpenter
Visual History 184 Dick Carson Dick Carson
DGA Visual History Gilbert Cates Sr
Gilbert Cates
Interviewed By: Gil Cates, Jr.
Cavalier Interview Joseph Cavalier
Visual History 187 Henry Chan Henry Chan
Tony Charmoli Interview Tony Charmoli
Chomsky Interview Marvin Chomsky
Visual History Hal Cooper Hal Cooper
VH190 Cooper-Avrick Anita Cooper-Avrick
Visual History Rich Correll Hero Rich Correll
Joe Dante Hero Joe Dante
Dassin Interview Jules Dassin
Davis Interview Andrew Davis
VH 228 Marian Deaton Ch. 1.1 Mimi Deaton
Vince DeDario Vince DeDario
VH212 Bill DElia Hero Bill D'Elia
DeToth Interview André De Toth
VH231 Ernest Dickerson Hero Ernest Dickerson
Donen Stanley Donen
Visual History Richard Donner Hero
Richard Donner
Interviewed By: Brian Helgeland
Donovan Interview Tom Donovan
Jim Drake Interview Jim Drake
Bill Duke
Bill Duke
Interviewed By: Carl Weathers
John Erman Interview John Erman
Judith Farinet Judith Farinet
Mike Figgis interview
Mike Figgis
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
VH226 Robert Fishman Highlight 3 Robert Fishman
Fleischer Interview Richard Fleischer
Milos Forman
Miloš Forman
Interviewed By: Daniel Algrant
Arthur Forrest interview Arthur Forrest
VH178 Stephen Frears Hero Stephen Frears
William Friedkin Interview
William Friedkin
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
VH234 Hero Elma Garcia
CostaGavrasInterview Costa-Gavras
Genus Interview Karl Genus
Lewis Gilbert Interview Lewis Gilbert
Giraldi Interview Bob Giraldi
VH186 Steve Glanzrock Steve Glanzrock
VH211 Glattes hero Wolfgang Glattes
John Glen Interview John Glen
Don Gold Interview Don Gold (1932-2023)
Gomes Interview George Gomes
Roger Goodman interview
Roger Goodman
Interviewed By: Brett Holey
Lee Grant Interview
Lee Grant
Interviewed By: Barbara Kopple
Grauman Interview Walter Grauman
Grosbard Interview Ulu Grosbard
Gurnee Interview Hal Gurnee
VH206 Charles Haid HL 1 Charles Haid
Randa Haines Interview
Randa Haines
Interviewed By: Joan Tewkesbury
Guy Hamilton Interview Guy Hamilton
VH230 Harron Hero Mary Harron
Hausman Interview Michael Hausman
Hayden Interview Jeffrey Hayden
Hellman Interview Monte Hellman
VH193 Biff Henderson Biff Henderson
DGA Visual History Walter Hill Walter Hill
DGA Visual History Arthur Hiller Arthur Hiller
VH183 Victoria Hochberg Victoria Hochberg
Hodges Interview Mike Hodges
Bernie Hoffman Interview Bernie Hoffman
Holland Interview
Agnieszka Holland
Interviewed By: Robert Markowitz
VH 201 Gary Hood Hero Garry Hood
Ivory VH Interview James Ivory
Mick Jackson Interview Mick Jackson
Steve James interview
Steve James
Interviewed By: Lynne Littman
JohnsonInterview Lamont Johnson
Joyner VH Interview Tom Joyner (1943-2023)
Juran Interview Nathan Juran
VH198 Jeremy Kagan
Jeremy Kagan
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan...
Wes Kenney Interview Wes Kenney
Irvin Kershner Interview
Irvin Kershner
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
VH194 Don Roy King Don Roy King
VH214 Randal Kleiser Hero Randal Kleiser
Korty Interview John Korty
Robert J. Koster Robert J. Koster
Ted Kotcheff interview
Ted Kotcheff
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
Bob LaHendro Interview Bob LaHendro
John Landis
John Landis
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
VH180 Stan Lathan Stan Lathan
VH188 Hero Mimi Leder
Claude Lelouch Interview Claude Lelouch
Levin Interview Peter Levin
Fred Levinson Interview Fred Levinson
Barry Levinson Interview
Barry Levinson
Interviewed By: Bob Balaban
Jerry Lewis Interview Jerry Lewis
Visual History John LiBretto John LiBretto
Littlefield Interview Nancy Littlefield
Visual History 182 Norman Lloyd Norman Lloyd
Jerry London interview
Jerry London
Interviewed By: Mike Robe
Lumet Sidney Lumet
Mackenzie Interview Will Mackenzie
John Madden interview
John Madden
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
VH144 Michael Mann Hero Michael Mann
DGA Visual History Del Mann Delbert Mann
Robert Markowitz Interview Robert Markowitz
Marshall Interview
Garry Marshall
Interviewed By: Scott Marshall
Esperanza 'Candy' Martinez Interview
Esperanza “Candy” Martinez
Interviewed By: Zetna Fuentes
Paul Mazursky interview Paul Mazursky
David McGiffert Interview David McGiffert
Kathleen McGill Hero Kathleen McGill
Andrew V. McLaglen Interview Andrew V. McLaglen
Richard McWhorter Interview Richard McWhorter
Peter Medak Interview Peter Medak
VH239 Hero Linda Mendoza
Claude Miller Interview Claude Miller
Walter Miller Interview
Walter C. Miller
Interviewed By: Don Mischer
Mischer Interview Don Mischer
VH Martha Mitchell hero Martha Mitchell
Moore Interview Micky Moore
VH175 Alan Myerson Alan Myerson
VH189 Mira Nair Hero
Mira Nair
Interviewed By: Kasi Lemmons
Neame Interview Ronald Neame
VH207 Dency Nelson Hero Dency Nelson
Neufeld Interview Stanley Neufeld
VH192 Newell
Mike Newell
Interviewed By: Michael Apted
Pasetta Interview Marty Pasetta
Van Peebles Interview Melvin Van Peebles
DGA Visual History with Arthur Penn
Arthur Penn
Interviewed By: David Jones
Dan Petrie Interview Daniel Petrie
Pierson Interview Frank Pierson
Post Interview Ted Post
Michael Pressman HL 1 Michael Pressman
Pressman Interview
David Pressman
Interviewed By: Joshua White
Joe Pytka Interview
Joe Pytka
Interviewed By: Laura Belsey
Doug Quick Interview Doug Quick
Phil Rawlins Phil Rawlins
DGA Visual History Interview with Carl Reiner Carl Reiner
VH221 Reiner Hero Rob Reiner
Robert Relyea Interview Robert Relyea
Gene Reynolds interview
Gene Reynolds
Interviewed By: John Rich
John Rich Interview
John Rich
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
Ritchie Interview Michael Ritchie
Mike Robe Interview Mike Robe
VH235 Hero Leon Robinson
Mark Rydell Interview
Mark Rydell
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
Sandrich Interview Jay Sandrich
VH210 Arlene Sanford Hero Arlene Sanford
Sargent Interview
Joseph Sargent
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
VH150 Sayles Interview John Sayles
Visual History Don Scardino Hero Don Scardino
VH202 Jerry Schatzberg Jerry Schatzberg
Scheerer Interview Robert Scheerer
Schiller Interview Lawrence Schiller
DGA Visual History Michael Schultz Michael Schultz
VH195 Oz Scott Oz Scott
Seidelman Interview Arthur Seidelman
Lee Shallat Chemel Interview
Lee Shallat Chemel
Interviewed By: Will Mackenzie
Eric Shapiro Interview
Eric Shapiro
Interviewed By: Scott Berger
Melville Shavelson interview Melville Shavelson
Shea Interview Jack Shea
James Sheldon Interview James Sheldon
Jim Sheridan Hero
Jim Sheridan
Interviewed By: Michael Apted
VH61 Edwin Sherin
Sherman Interview Vincent Sherman
DGA Visual History Gary Shimokawa Gary Shimokawa
George Sidney Interview
George Sidney
Interviewed By: Christina Stevens
Joan Micklin Silver interview Joan Micklin Silver
Silverstein Interview Elliot Silverstein (1927-2023)
Abby Singer Interview
Abby Singer
Interviewed By: Herb Adelman
Visual History with Barry Sonnenfeld Hero Barry Sonnenfeld
Spheeris Penelope Spheeris
Stein Interview Ken Stein
VH 53 Stevens Jr Hero George Stevens Jr.
Howard Storm Interview Howard Storm
Mel Stuart Interview Mel Stuart
Ezra Swerdlow Hero Ezra Swerdlow
VH179 Neil Tardio Neil Tardio
VH 200 Bertrand Tavernier Hero Bertrand Tavernier
Taylor Interview Jud Taylor
Tewkesbury Interview Joan Tewkesbury
VH219 Mary Rae Thewlis Hero
Mary Rae Thewlis
Interviewed By: Kathleen McGill
Visual History Interview with Joyce Thomas Hero Joyce Thomas
Jesus Trevino Interview Jesús Treviño
Valdez Interview Luis Valdez
Agnès Varda Interview Agnès Varda
David Wader interview David Wader
Visual History Glenn Weiss Hero Glenn Weiss
Haskell Wexler Interview Haskell Wexler
VH Debbie Williams Hero Debbie Williams
Visual History Dwight Williams Hero
Dwight Williams
Interviewed By: Phil Goldfarb
Wilson Interview Doug Wilson
Simon Wincer Interview Simon Wincer
DGA Visual History Robert Wise
Robert Wise
Interviewed By: Jeremy Kagan
Herbie Wise Interview Herbert Wise
Chuck Workman Chuck Workman
Young Interview Robert Young
Howard Zieff Howard Zieff
Ziesmer Interview Jerry Ziesmer
ZinMain Michael Zinberg
Jerry Zucker interview Jerry Zucker