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Visual History with Richard Donner

Interviewed by: Brian Helgeland

Director Richard Donner discusses his 40-plus year directorial career in feature film and episodic television, highlighting his work on The Twilight Zone (“Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”), The Omen, Superman and the Lethal Weapon series.

On Challenges in Superman

Director Richard Donner discusses two major challenges within his blockbuster film Superman (1978): the love triangle between Lois Lane, Clark Kent and Superman and ensuring that audiences would "believe that a man can fly."

On Political Subtlety in Lethal Weapon

Donner speaks about Lethal Weapon and how the subtlety of a political statement can make an outsize impact.

On the Cast of the The Goonies

Donner talks about his relationship with the young cast of The Goonies and mentions a time when he used the kids' excitement liven up a scene he'd already shot.