VH 53 Stevens Jr Hero
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with George Stevens Jr.

Interviewed by: Robert Markowitz

Director George Stevens, Jr. (Separate But Equal, George Stevens: A Filmmakers’s Journey) discusses his father’s legacy and working philosophy from pre-production through post-production, as well as the important lessons he learned from his father. Stevens, Jr. also highlights his founding of both the American Film Institute and Kennedy Center Honors.

On His Father’s Directorial Ambition

Director George Stevens Jr. considers his father’s work ethic and the mindset his father carried on the timeless nature of well-crafted works.

On His Father’s Presence at the Guild

Stevens remembers his father’s impact in his time as president of the Director’s Guild, and the colleagues and talking points of that filmic period.

On the Inception of the American Film Institute

Stevens remembers the founding of the American Film Institute and the waning studio preservation practices that justified the AFI’s creation.