VH192 Newell
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Mike Newell

Interviewed by: Michael Apted

Feature film and television director Mike Newell discusses his 50-plus year directorial career, highlighting his work on Coronation Street, The Man in the Iron Mask, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Love in the Time of Cholera, among other notable projects.

Director Mike Newell discusses remaining adamant about casting Hugh Grant for the lead role of Four Weddings and a Funeral because he felt he was uniquely talented for articulating the words of the script.

Newell speaks about Al Pacino's role (Lefty Ruggiero) in Donnie Brasco and the scene he asked the screenwriter Paul Attanasio to write after production was underway to further illustrate the character's conflict in the film.

Newell speaks about the balance between accepting and declining suggestions when the director is present during all the decisions for a film and is charged with making it cohesive.