74th Annual DGA Awards

Meet the Nominees: Commercials

March 10, 2022 74th Annual DGA Awards

On March 10, DGA members heralded the best in commercials during the 2022 Meet the Nominees: Commercials event. Following a screening of the commercials and an introduction of the nominated directors by DGA Director of Commercial Contracts, Michael Floyd, the online event featured Directors Steve Ayson (Anthem, Mattress Firm; Award Speech & Networking, Miller Lite), Kathryn Bigelow (Hollywood In Your Pocket, iPhone 13), Ian Pons Jewell (ECG & Sleep, Apple Watch; Time, Squarespace; Your Mom’s Short Ribs, Instacart) and Henry-Alex Rubin (Teenage Dream, Sandy Hook Promise) speaking about the making of their ads in a conversation moderated by Director Kim Nguyen. Nominee Bradford Young (Super. Human., Channel 4 Paralympics) was unable to attend.



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