DGA's LGBTQ+ Committee Commemorates National Coming Out Day

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October 11, 2023

On National Coming Out Day, the DGA’s LGBTQ+ Committee invites you to display your pride with our newly designed icons that can be used across social media to identify as either a proud LGBTQ+ member or ally! You can download the images directly from this page and upload to the social media platform of your choice.

The DGA's LGBTQ+ Committee is devoted to strengthening the community within the Guild, forging partnerships, and fostering opportunities for those who are underrepresented. We encourage interested members to self-identify with the DGA and/or LGBTQ+ Committee via the DGA website as we work hand-in-hand to build a more equitable industry.

Click the images below to download full-sized icons.

DGA PRIDE ALLY Graphic    CoD1

.  DGA PRIDE MEMBER Graphic     CoD2


Need help with how to change your self-identifying settings?

Click here to change your self-identifying categories on the Account Settings page. You can publicly or privately identify based on what you feel comfortable with. To be added to the LGBTQ+ Committee email list (regardless of your self-identification), click here to update your email addresses and subscription preferences on the Email Settings page.

We proudly stand with those who boldly share their unique perspectives. Remember: the world needs your voice.

About the Committee:

The LGBTQ+ Committee was founded in 2021 as a provisional committee to explore ways to educate, inform, address the concerns of and create opportunities for members who identify in these categories. At the DGA National Board meeting on January 8, 2022, the Board voted make the LGBTQ+ Committee an official standing committee.The Committee is dedicated to empowering and advancing the professional interests of LGBTQ+ and to promoting and working for employment equity throughout the entertainment industry. The Committee’s Co-Chairs are Directors Paris Barclay, John Krokidas and Kimberly Peirce.