Comms 2016

Meet the Nominees: Commercials

February 4, 2016 68th Annual DGA Awards

On February 4, DGA members enjoyed the 2016 edition of the Meet the Nominees: Commercials symposium in the Guild’s Los Angeles theater complex.

The evening opened with an introduction by DGA Associate Executive Director Russ Hollander and included a screening of all the nominated commercials. Then nominees Juan Cabral (Monkeys, Ikea; Freestyle, Lurpak), Miles Jay (It Can Wait, ESPN), Tom Kuntz (So It Begins, Old Spice; The Chase, Heineken; Revenge, Clash of Clans), and Andreas Nilsson (Emily’s Oz, Comcast; Time Upon a Once, General Electric; Dad Song, Old Spice), joined moderator David Cornell for a discussion of their work.

The symposium was followed by a reception where DGA members and guests could mingle with the nominees. Nominee Steve Rogers (Ripple, Nike Golf; Snow Day, Nike) was unable to attend the symposium.


Pictures & Video

photos by Byron Gamarro

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