Martha Coolidge

The membership ratifies new three-year collective bargaining agreements between the DGA and the AMPTP. The new Agreements include the Interim Settlement Agreement (also known as the "blended contract") which adapted outmoded agreements to new technologies that were modernizing television production. The ISA covered all primetime dramatic programming regardless of whether it was shot on film, traditional videotape, or digital video. The DGA National Board elects Martha Coolidge first female president of the Guild. The Film Foundation and The Artists Rights Foundation consolidate under The Film Foundation, Inc. with Martin Scorsese serving as chair. Guild represents 16 Director members in lawsuit filed by companies engaged in unauthorized editing of films. DGA joins National Coalition on Health Care.

The Man Who Would Be King

King Vidor helped bring directors together to form the Guild and became its first president during the early, perilous years. His legacy as a great filmmaker and fighter for directors' rights continues today.

Director's Cut - 75th Anniversary Video Compilation

Director’s Cut commemorates 75 years of directing history through the compilation of hundreds of clips illustrating the entire range of our members’ work. The focus is on images of directors working—not just the work itself—underscoring to audiences that these lasting images are the result of a director’s vision.

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In-depth peer-to-peer interviews of veteran Guild members sharing the journey of their artistic and professional careers.