The Guild negotiates the 2002 Basic Agreement and Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement contracts more than six months before the expiration of the 1999 contracts. Significant gains include an historic interim agreement that adapts outmoded agreements to new technologies, modernizing the method of television production. The AMPTP agrees to convene a meeting to discuss remedies for runaway production with the DGA and other affected guilds and unions. A Department of Commerce Report is released concluding runaway production threatens U.S. Economy. DGA Honors postponed due to the September 11 terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. DGA donates $100,000 to assist the victims of the attacks. DGA holds the first International Conference of English Speaking Directors. Residuals reach $180 million.

The Man Who Would Be King

King Vidor helped bring directors together to form the Guild and became its first president during the early, perilous years. His legacy as a great filmmaker and fighter for directors' rights continues today.

Director's Cut - 75th Anniversary Video Compilation

Director’s Cut commemorates 75 years of directing history through the compilation of hundreds of clips illustrating the entire range of our members’ work. The focus is on images of directors working—not just the work itself—underscoring to audiences that these lasting images are the result of a director’s vision.

Explore the DGA Visual History Program

In-depth peer-to-peer interviews of veteran Guild members sharing the journey of their artistic and professional careers.