Stephanie Cristancho


Stephanie Cristancho is an American born multicultural Latina (Venezuelan, Brazilian and Portuguese) award-winning director for film and television. She is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English and speaks a little French and Italian. Growing up in South America, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean, Stephanie brings a unique international perspective to all of her projects. Her experience includes directing, production management, technical directing, camera operations, audio and multimedia content development for Discovery, ESPN, CNN, Bloomberg, ABC, NBC and FOX, as well as producing, writing and directing over a dozen independent film projects, web series and documentaries in Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and LA. Stephanie aims to create projects with universal appeal because she strongly believes that a great story can be translated into any language and ultimately people, no matter where they are from, connect with the meaning and emotion behind her artistic expression.

Stephanie’s directing and creative writing passions are in the genres of Drama, Sci-Fi and Mystery. She also enjoys stretching her imagination in Fantasy and Thrillers. Stephanie is excellent in both developing original stories and making other people’s projects better by crafting worlds, characters arcs and storylines. She is currently looking to expand her work into Episodic Directing after being mentored by Michael Goi and trained in the craft of episodic directing by Bethany Rooney, Mary Lou Belli, Stacey Black and Andrew Bernstein. Stephanie Cristancho is extremely creative and imaginative, yet she is focused, committed and knows how to prioritize and assess the needs of every production. As a director she was recognized with an “Emmy” award for ESPN’s highly rated show “Pardon the Interruption”. Her worldly experience combined with her knowledge and passion for television and film production, gives Stephanie the ability to create, produce and direct stories with a unique and diverse perspective.

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