William Friedkin

Good Times; The Night They Raided Minsky's; The Birthday Party; The Boys in the Band; The French Connection; The Exorcist; Sorcerer; The Brink's Job; Cruising; Deal of the Century; To Live and Die in L.A.; Rampage; The Guardian; Blue Chips; Jade; 12 Angry Men (Showtime); Rules of Engagement; The Hunted; Bug; Killer Joe.
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Visual History
William Friedkin Interview
Visual History Interview
Director William Friedkin (The French Connection, The Exorcist) discusses his iconic career; beginning in the mailroom of a television station to winning the DGA Feature Film Award and becoming a premier member of the “New Hollywood” wave of filmmaking that revolutionized the industry.
DGA Quarterly
William Friedkin
William Friedkin is rightly considered a pioneer of the New Hollywood movement that exploded onto American screens in the late ’60s and ’70s.
DGA Quarterly Summer 2012 Citizen Kane
William Friedkin
William Friedkin first saw Citizen Kane more than 50 years ago and has never looked at films the same way again. He explains how Orson Welles used the tools of the trade to create a masterpiece.
The Exorcist
William Friedkin recalls with amazing detail how he directed the horrifying climatic scene of The Exorcist.
DGA Quarterly Magazine Fall 2006 William Friedkin
The French Connection
Thirty-five years after it was made, The French Connection still features the mother-of-all-chase-scenes. The director takes us back and explains how it all came together.