Louis Joseph Guerra

1st AD 2nd AD, Associate Director

1st Assistant Director: The Americans (Season 1), Homeland (Pilot, Seasons 1 & 2); Elementary (Pilot), The Shunning (MOW); Lights Out (pilot, season 1); Roadie (also Associate Prod); Morning Glory (2nd unit); Ugly Betty (season 3); Cold Case (Philadelphia units); I Hate Valentine's Day; Always There (pilot); Brooklyn Babylon; The Day the Ponies Come BackThe Seinfeld Story; The Band (pilot); Always There (pilot); Big Monday; Besotted; A Family Of Orphans; NY Units: October Road (pilot);2nd units: Two Lovers; College Road Trip; Accidental Husband; 3lbs; Enchanted; Reign Over Me; Glitter. Key 2nd AD: The Pink Panther, Part II; Reign O'er MeThe Ministers; 100 Feet; 3lbs; Illegal Tender; Law & Order; Hack; The Groomsmen; Law & Order: Criminal Intent (seasons 2 & 3); Someone Like You; R Xmas. 1st AD Commercials:  "Kodak", "Lucky 7 Jeans," "Gax-X," "7 Jeans." 2nd AD Commericals: "Kodak," "7 Jeans," "American Express," "Net 10 Cell Phone." 2nd 2nd Assistant Director: CloverfieldRocky Balboa; Return To Paradise; 200 Cigarettes; Talented Mr. Ripley.

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