Michael Figgis

The House (1984); Stormy Monday (1987); Internal Affairs (1989); Liebestraum (1990); Mara (short, 1991); Mr. Jones (1992); The Browning Version (1993); Vivienne Westwood: On Liberty (documentary, 1994); Leaving Las Vegas (1995); One Night Stand (1996); Flamenco Women (documentary, 1997); The Loss of Sexual Innocence (1997); Miss Julie (1999); Hollywood Conversations (documentary, 1999); Timecode 2000 (1999); About Time 2 (short, 2000); Hotel (2001); The Blues (documentary, 2002); Cold Creek Manor.
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Visual History
Mike Figgis interview
Visual History Interview
Mike Figgis discusses his 30-plus year career as director of such films as Stormy Monday, Leaving Las Vegas, and Timecode. Figgis reveals his passion for drama, innovation, and his unending desire to experiment within the realm of narrative filmmaking.