Debra S. Kent

UPM 1st AD, Associate Director, Director

UPM/Co-Producer: Limitless, Sex and the City. UPM: Allegiance, 24 Hour Woman; 7:08; New Jersey Turnpikes; Gloria Sheppard; Steal This Movie. AUPM: Illuminata. 1A/2A: Honeymoon in Vegas; Prince of Tides; Alice; The Vanishing; Blaze; Betsy's Wedding; The Associate; Hush; I'm Not Rappaport; New York Undercover; Swift Justice; Lonesome Dove; Deep Space Nine; Wright Verdicts; Carolina Skeletons; Our Sons; Lucy & Desi. DGA Trainee. Producer: Commercials inc. Nike, Apple, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes, Miller, Jeep, Pepsi, SEGA, Kia, AT&T, Verizon. Central Park.

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