Joe Berlinger

Crude (theatrical); Iconoclasts (Sundance Channel); Ten Days That Changed America (History Channel); Gray Matter (HBO); Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (theatrical); Hollywood High (AMC); Judgment Day (HBO); Johnny Depp (Bravo Profiles); Virtual Corpse (HBO); One Who Day (The Who tour 2002); The Wrong Man (Court TV); Fan Club (VH-1); Book of Shadows (theatrical); Revelations: Paradise Lost 2 (HBO); Rolling Stone 30th Anniversary Special (ABC); Paradise Lost (HBO); The Begging Game (ABC/PBS); Brother's Keeper (theatrical).
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DGA Quarterly
Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky
Berlinger and Sinofsky’s trilogy followed the trial, conviction, and ultimate freeing of the West Memphis Three for 17 years. It’s a classic story of how talent, perseverance, and the power of film can change lives.
Activist Documentaries
With the decline of investigative journalism on TV and in newspapers, social activist documentarians are filling the holes. It's not always glamorous but getting the story has its own rewards.