Richard Benjamin

Goodbye Girl (Neil Simon, TNT/WB); My Favorite Year (MGM/UA); Racing W/the Moon; Milk Money; Marci X (Paramount); City Heat (WB); The Money Pit (Amblin/Universal); Little Nikita (Columbia); My Stepmother is an Alien (Weintraub Entertainment/Columbia Release); Downtown (20th Century Fox); Mermaids (Orion); Made in America (New Regency/WB); Mrs. Winterbourne (TriStar); Pentagon Wars (HBO); Shrink Is In (ind.); Sports Pages (Paramount/Showtime, Kennedy Marshall); Laughter on the 23rd Floor (Paramount/Showtime, Neil Simon); A Little Thing Called Murder (Lifetime).
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Visual History
Richard Benjamin Interview
Visual History Interview
Director Richard Benjamin (My Favorite Year, Mermaids) discusses his directorial career helming features and movies for television and explains the transition he made from actor to director.