Dick Carson

Wheel of Fortune-22 years, more than 5000 shows; Merv Griffin Talk Show-15 years, more than 3600 ninety-minute shows; Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson-7 years, more than 1800 1 3/4 hour shows; Merv Griffin's live New Year's Eve Specials (4); Don Rickles variety show; All-American College Show starring Arthur Godfrey; Get Smart "How Green was My Valet;" Dance Fever (pilot; misc. specials); Three national Emmy Awards: Merv Griffin Show; Two national Emmy Awards: Wheel of Fortune.
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Visual History
Visual History 184 Dick Carson
Visual History Interview
Dick Carson shares highlights from his 35-plus year career directing talk and game shows, including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Merv Griffith Show, and Wheel of Fortune.