Georgia J. Kacandes


Exec Prod:  Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood, White Boy Rick, Silence (prep), Why Him?, Paris Can Wait (exec), The Hateful EightThe Wolf Of Wall Street,  Chasing Mavericks; Hugo; Bad Teacher; Tenacious D; Syriana (Producer); Criminal, Nautica (prep); Megalopolis (prep); CQ; Blow. Co-Prod/UPM: Girl, Interrupted; The Rainmaker; Gattaca. Line Prod: Party Girl. UPM: Tintin; Casino; The Underneath; The Inkwell; King of the Hill; Passion Fish; End of the Night; Blowback; Lincoln & Seward; Abby; My Love. AUPM: City of Hope. *6/08-7/09 President of Physical Prod Paramount Pictures, 12/05-6/08 EVP Physical Production Paramount Vantage.

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