Daniel Bydlowski


Daniel Bydlowski is an award-winning Latino filmmaker based in L.A. Employing humor, drama and fantasy, his projects entertain while dealing with relevant social themes. Daniel gained international recognition with the fantasy film “Bullies” and was praised for his ability to reach audiences of different backgrounds and age groups. The film garnered him many awards, among them the Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at the Newport Beach Film Festival. The film was one of the highlights of the academy award qualifier Cleveland International Film Festival and was featured in San Diego Comic-Con. It also received attention in the media, being featured on American Cinematographer and many Brazilian major news outlets. Daniel was selected by the DGA Television Director Workshop Program and was a finalist on the Warner Brothers Television Directors' Workshop. As part of a multicultural Brazilian family with diverse backgrounds and beliefs, Daniel developed the appreciation and the ability to draw on the unique perspectives of the Latino culture to connect to a global audience.

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