Lawrence Julian Schiller

Producer/Director: The Executioner's Song (Emmy Awards); Master Spy; Perfect Murder, Perfect Town; American Tragedy; Double Jeopardy; Margaret Bourke-White; Marilyn, The Untold Story (Emmy Awards); Trace Evidence. Producer/Co-Director: Peter the Great (Emmy Awards including Best Picture/Miniseries). Director: The Plot to Kill Hitler; Hey, I'm Alive; The Man Who Skied Down Everest. Producer: Murder By Reason of Insanity; Patricia Neal; Child Bride of Short Creek; The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald; The Winds of Kitty Hawk.
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Visual History
Schiller Interview
Visual History Interview
Lawrence Schiller discusses moving into producing and directing from his early career as a photographer and photojournalist. Schiller talks about his collaboration with Norman Mailer on the book, The Executioner’s Song and their 1982 adaptation for television which he produced and directed. He also discusses producing and directing movies for television such as American Tragedy (2000) based on the book he co-wrote about the O.J. Simpson trial.