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The Directors Guild of America is proud to be a supporting partner in the MyConnext Reporting Tool. The MyConnext Reporting Tool is a secure and private online platform that allows members to safely explore available support, understand your rights, and report workplace misconduct conveniently and securely.

To make using the tool as smooth as possible, we're sharing some useful guidelines and instructions to help you easily access the platform and get the support you need right away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MyConnext Reporting Tool?

The MyConnext Reporting Tool is an online reporting tool for the entertainment industry. The tool provides a personal and encrypted account with access to resources, policies, and the ability to report any concern you have about workplace conduct to the DGA.

This includes direct experiences, general observations, or incidents you witnessed. With MyConnext, members can explore their rights, report a concern, send a message, log a personal record, speak with an Ombuds, or use Hold for Match. 

What MyConnext Resources are available via the MyConnext website?

Learn about your rights, where to find additional support, and get step-by-step information about how to report an incident. Remember, you are not alone. 

The MyConnext Resources for Everyone are not a part of the Reporting Tool and are available to everyone who want to make the work environment safer. 

Anyone can access the MyConnext Resources, which are available on

The MyConnext Resources include information about:

  • How to Address & Report Concerns
  • Mandatory  Arbitration & Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about workers rights and reporting options
  • Helpful definitions
Additional resources including local and national support groups, 24/7 helplines, counseling services, and legal help are also available.

Workers from any organization can access the MyConnext Resources page. 

How Do I Use the MyConnext Reporting Tool?

You can use this secure online platform to confidently navigate harassment, discrimination, or abuse and access the reporting tool anywhere, any time, on any device.

You can access the MyConnext Reporting Tool via the QR Code which you can access via this link.

What Are the Ombuds*?

The Ombuds* are an independent, informal, impartial, and confidential resource to help employees navigate the MyConnext online reporting tool. Ombuds provide a safe and confidential space for users to discuss their concerns over abusive workplace misconduct and evaluate options for reporting or taking other action.

* Please note, the Ombuds will not act as a witness in an internal investigation or in a civil or criminal case.

Is MyConnext Secure and Private?

The MyConnext Reporting Tool is powered and protected by Pluto 5000 — a technology with trademark Data Locker technology and proprietary encryption to keep sensitive information safe and secure.

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