The Dues Department is responsible for collecting earnings reports, and billing for initiation fees and dues. 


DGA membership dues are basic dues of $50 per quarter and income dues based on gross earnings working in all DGA categories.  Gross income includes but is not limited to base salary, overtime, residuals, deferments, percentage compensation, completion of assignment, vacation and holiday pay, profit participation and fees of all kinds in any Guild category. DGA members must report all gross earnings from Guild-covered employment and pay the corollary percentage dues quarterly.  Dues on gross earnings are calculated at one and one-half percent (1½ %) of a member’s reported gross earnings from employment in all Guild categories, provided that such dues are payable only on gross annual income between $10,000 and $300,000.  In addition to basic and percentage dues, members also pay an additional one percent (1%) of the total residuals they receive in connection with employment under a DGA collective bargaining agreement.

The Reporting & Payment Schedule is as follows: 

Quarter  Reported & Paid by 
Q1 January – March June 30
Q2: April – June September 30 
Q3: July – September December 31 
Q4: October – December March 31 

DGA members, click here to pay your dues online.

DGA Headquarters - Los Angeles 310-289-2000
or toll free at 800-421-4173
DGA Offices - New York 212-258-0800
or toll free at 800-356-3754
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