Get Smart and Lead for a Sustainable Future: Sustainability Pro-Tips Custom Built for Every DGA Category

News December 2022

November 30, 2023

The Sustainable Future Committee (SFC) raises awareness of what we can do to reduce carbon emissions and waste in film and television.

The SFC has launched a new leadership initiative, Sustainability Pro-Tips, to empower DGA teams with a climate action plan to promote clean energy, decarbonize our work and workplace, and reduce plastic and the landfill waste we generate everywhere we go.

Sustainability Pro-Tips are custom built for the work of each DGA category. Offering clear and concise action items, our Pro-Tips lay out an achievable path for every DGA member to become a leader and an agent for positive change whether you are a Director, AD/UPM, Location Manager, or AD/SM/PA.

Sustainability Pro-Tips covers practical steps to take for communication with your studio and departments around clean energy, fuel and power, stage & facilities, the production office, materials, re-use and waste management, catering and craft service, travel & living, and more.

Major guilds and unions now have Sustainability Committees working to support their membership. Major studios and streamers have entire Sustainability departments to evaluate and implement their corporate sustainability guidelines and practices.

As DGA members, we embrace our role as storytellers, unifiers, and leaders.

In our DGA contract negotiations this year we fought for and won the right to hold mandatory annual meetings with each Studio Head of Sustainability, Production, and Content. Hollywood must do its part to lead in the development of climate-aware content and the decarbonization of our productions. 

As industry leaders, the DGA’s commitment to sustainable behavior and action is essential as we confront the dramatic changes in our lives and ability to work in a climate-altered world. We are excited to connect and learn from each other as we lead our industry forward.

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There’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

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News December 2022
Information from the DGA's Sustainable Future Committee
News December 2022
Information from the DGA's Sustainable Future Committee