DGA-Producer Pension & Health Plans Update


March 22, 2023

Attention All DGA Members: the RxSavingsPlus Card from CVS Caremark can help you save on prescription drug costs regardless of your Health Plan coverage status.

If you are a DGA member or dependent, you can now access the RxSavingsPlus card from CVS Caremark, regardless of your current Health Plan coverage status.

With the RxSavingsPlus card, you can save an average of 55% off the full cost of generic medications and 24% off brand-name medications at more than 65,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. The RxSavingsPlus card offers prescription drug discounts, not insurance. Discounts are also available on over-the-counter products with a doctor’s written prescription, many diabetic supplies, and certain pet medications. The card is free and available to all DGA members and dependents regardless of Health Plan coverage status and can be used immediately.

How it Works

  1. Get your RxSavingsPlus card at www.rxsavingsplus.com/dgaplans. All you will need is your email address. For added convenience, you can also download the card to your mobile device.
  2. Use the Price Your Rx feature on the RxSavingsPlus website to get a price estimate on your desired medication at your preferred participating pharmacy.
  3. Present your prescription and RxSavingsPlus card at a participating pharmacy to get the discounted rate.

Discounts vary by pharmacy and are not available for mail order medications. Be sure to use the RxSavingsPlus website to compare discounts between participating pharmacies to ensure you will get the lowest price.

For more information about the RxSavingsPlus card, visit www.rxsavingsplus.com/dgaplans.