Thousands of DGA Retirees to Receive 'Bonus' Thirteenth Pension Check


April 2, 2021

Due to the DGA’s strong pension gains in successive contract negotiations, and 2020 investment gains that far exceeded all expectations, DGA retirees and beneficiaries will be receiving a bonus ‘13th’ pension check. The bonus payment was approved by the Plans' Board of Trustees last week. The additional payments will benefit thousands of retirees and their families.

Retirees and beneficiaries who were eligible for a monthly benefit from the Basic Plan as of December 2020 will receive an additional payment equal to the amount of their regular monthly benefit. This additional benefit is made possible only because the DGA prioritized the long-term health of the pension plan in collective bargaining where it achieved hard-fought pension gains, and because of the Basic Plan's strong investment returns that greatly exceeded projections.

For more information on the bonus payment, please visit the Plans’ website, or contact the DGA Plans Pension Department at or (323) 866-2200, Ext. 404.