The Jeffords Rules: New York Region Now Available Online

Jeffords Rules NY Region

January 8, 2021

A new edition of The Jeffords Rules for New York-based members is now available online on the Eastern AD/UPM Council section of

For years, Western members have relied upon The Jeffords Rules, the revered and trusted digest of Hollywood union and guild contracts and rules arranged by subject, created by legendary UPM Bob Jeffords. Designed as a quick reference guide for DGA members needing answers on set in the moment, the Rules have become a reliable and indispensable tool.

Building on Bob’s original vision, a working group of the Eastern AD/UPM UPM Committee — led by Tom Whelan, Lynn Appelle, Leslie Gyson and Brian Papworth; and Eastern AD/UPM UPM 2nd AD Committee Co-Chair Arianne Apicelli — have adapted, compiled and edited The Jeffords Rules: New York Region, following the form and content as the original, with newly-expanded sections focusing on Safety and Work Environment.