73rd Annual DGA Awards Online Voting & Awards Screeners

73rd DGA Awards

Online Voting

Online voting for the 73rd Annual DGA Awards is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, February 17, 2021. Members may vote for the Feature Film Award (both nomination and final ballots) via the secure online voting system created for the DGA by eBallot. Voting for the Television categories is scheduled to begin on Friday, February 19, 2021. The eBallot site is accessible only to DGA members via a link on the DGA’s website. You must have an email address on file with the DGA in order to log-in. Please call (310) 289-5382 or email ccrowley@dga.org if you have not yet provided an email address.

Awards Screeners and Links

In order to give our members the best opportunity to review motion pictures in contention for the DGA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Feature Film, studios and distributors will be sending “For Your Consideration” screeners to DGA members in good standing, including retirees. In addition to permitting the mailing of physical DVDs, this year the DGA will also allow studio and distributors to email screener links to the DGA membership via a secured fulfillment house.

These awards screeners and/or screener links will be mailed or emailed to the home or personal business physical address or email address that the member designates for Awards-related materials. To verify your address settings, please log onto your personal account at www.dga.org.

Please note: P.O. Box addresses may not be used and DGA members who are suspended are not eligible to receive screeners, screening links or vote on the DGA Awards.

If you have questions about Awards Voting or Screeners and Links, please contact the DGA Awards Office at 310-289-2038 or Awards@dga.org.