DGA Diversity & Inclusion Mission Statement

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This updated mission statement is a reflection of the Guild's deep commitment and evolving approach to Diversity and Inclusion and was approved by the National Board at its August 5, 2023 meeting.

The Directors Guild of America believes storytelling should be as diverse as the world around us, and that a critical mass of different perspectives on screen is vital for the wellbeing and development of society.

Our goal is to be a global industry leader in the fight against discrimination by working to fairly represent all of our members and to increase employment opportunities for DGA members from under-represented groups to achieve fair and equitable representation that reflects the population. We are also committed to fair and equitable representation within the Guild’s leadership and staff and are determined to build and maintain an inclusive union.

We will engage companies, studios, and producers who are responsible for hiring directors and members of the directorial team to achieve equitable, inclusive hiring practices of Guild members from historically marginalized groups like women, people of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community. We will create continuing educational opportunities for our existing members designed to prepare and promote a diverse talent pool. We will expand the widening of the talent pool by encouraging the industry to hire more diverse talent to join the ranks of the Guild.