2018 DGA Membership Meeting in Chicago

CCC meeting 2018

November 14, 2018

On November 14, DGA members living in the Midwest came together to network with their peers and hear updates about the Guild during the general membership meeting in Chicago. Hosted by the Chicago Coordinating Committee (CCC), the evening was part of the Guild’s ongoing efforts to serve members residing outside Los Angeles and New York and provided an opportunity to meet DGA National Vice President Vincent Misiano, who served as the keynote speaker, and DGA National Executive Director Russell Hollander. The gathering was also attended by Eastern Executive Director Neil Dudich and DGA Field Representative Jennifer Peat, who serves as the liaison to the Committee.

Following a cocktail reception, Misiano, who was also in town to direct an episode of Chicago PD, thanked the Committee for its efforts on behalf of the membership, noted the recent re-election of CCC co-chairs John McNaughton and Thomas Wekony, Jr., and acknowledged the presence of all the attending members of the Committee.

“This event has become a valuable annual tradition,” said Misiano. “It’s an opportunity for DGA members in town and those of us who travel here, both staff and leadership, to get together, ask questions, demand answers, and enjoy a good meal with DGA brothers and sisters. I hope you appreciate all of this as much as I do.”

After recalling the subjects addressed in the previous Chicago meeting, including the significant gains achieved in the last round of negotiations, Misiano brought the attendees up to speed on what had transpired in the subsequent year, such as earnings and residuals making remarkable gains with even more projected for the coming year.

Turning his comments to the local state of affairs in the Midwest, Misiano noted that production continues to thrive with multiple series being shot in the region, partly due to the Illinois Tax Incentive which the DGA worked to get passed. He also touched on the important progress on some difficult local station negotiations in the Midwest over the past year and how the Guild followed through on its commitment to offer more training and events for members in the area such as a recent day-long seminar hosted by the CCC and the DGA Assistant Director Training Program.

To Misiano, the outlook was inspiring, but he reminded everyone present that the strength of the Guild comes from members who get involved. “What defines the Guild is our committed members. You are the DGA, and your involvement and solidarity are critical to our future success. Today, with a healthy local production landscape, and a team of smart and talented DGA staff members working on behalf of our Chicago members, the pieces are falling into place and we’re committed to maintaining a high level of service for you, now and into the future.”

The meeting concluded with a dinner where Misiano, Hollander, Dudich and Peat mingled with the attendees and answered questions.

About the Committee:

The Chicago Coordinating Committee was formed in the mid-1960s to coordinate Guild activities in the Chicago Area, including acting as liaison between members and the Guild, disseminating information, and promoting public awareness of the Guild. The Committee is Co-Chaired by Directors John McNaughton and Thomas Wekony, Jr.

photos by Jeff Kash