A Conversation with Director Victor Gonzalez

May 25, 2022 A DGA Latino Committee Virtual Event

On May 25, the Latino Committee meeting featured an online conversation with Director Victor Gonzalez (Villains of Valley View), moderated by Director Evelyn Belasco (Danger Force).

During the conversation, Gonzalez spoke about his journey from what was essentially a stagehand to becoming an Associate Director on series such as Living Single and Wizards of Waverly Place, to finding his home in the Director’s chair. His advice for aspiring Directors was, “Don't worry so much about getting your foot in the door or getting your first shoot... Who cares how you get it, it’s much more about doing well and representing once you do.” He also shared a tip on how he handles matters when the pressure is high. In the tensest moment he sometimes steps away and says aloud "reset" which gives him the opportunity to have perspective of the situation. Lastly, he told those with assignments as guest Directors, “You have to make it a point to stand your ground. Believe it or not its expected of you.”

Gonzalez’s numerous directorial credits include the movie for television Commando Crash; the pilot and other episodes of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn; and multiple episodes of television series including George Lopez, Wizards of Waverly Place, Mike & Molly, Instant Mom, Lab Rats, One Day at a Time, Man with a Plan, Last Man Standing, Raven's Home, The Neighborhood and Villains of Valley View. Gonzalez has been a DGA member since 1997.


The Latino Committee was created as a networking group to advance career and job opportunities for Latino DGA members by improving craft skills, networking, and making Latinos better known to the Hollywood creative community.

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