UPM Breakfast 2021

Not Made in New York

December 11, 2021 An Eastern AD/UPM Council UPM Virtual Breakfast

On December 11, Eastern Region Unit Production Manager members gathered online for their annual UPM Breakfast hosted by the Eastern AD/UPM Council’s UPM Committee, with this year’s event focused on productions “Not Made in New York.”

The event kicked off with a welcome from Second Alternate National Board Member and UPM Committee Co-Chair Thomas Whelan (Evil), followed by introductions to the event’s moderators: UPM Committee Co-Chair Lynn Appelle (Florida Girls) and Committee member Daniel Hank (Grand Army).

Hank delivered an overview of the event where he briefly discussed the history of the “Made in NY” moniker and the commonalities and differences between the Big Apple and other production locations. He then introduced the panelists for the first discussion in which Whelan and Committee member Rosemary Lombard (A League of Their Own) covered the subject of how and why studios choose certain production cities.

Hank next shifted the conversation to how UPMs gets things started with a new project on location and Committee members Adam Brightman (Escape at Dannemora), Joe Guest (The Stand), Canella Williams-Larrabee (Raising Dion) and UPM Jonathan Starch (The Walking Dead World Beyond) covered topics including, making your own deal; laying the necessary groundwork on location, and crewing up with your the first key hires.

During a segment covering union contracts outside of New York City, DGA Assistant Executive Director Mary Hatch spoke briefly regarding the Guild’s distant location rules, and UPM Dana Robin and other panelists shared how other unions’ contracts can vary among the different locations.

The panelists then discussed the location-specific nuances and considerations for UPMs working in various cities in the Eastern Region – from large markets like Chicago, Atlanta, and New Orleans, to the Eastern Seaboard locations of Boston, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington DC/Baltimore, to the smaller “frontier” markets like Ohio, North Carolina, Savannah, and Alabama. For this portion of the event, previous panelists were joined by Committee members Patty Hess (The Plot Against America) and Stephen Lippross (Julie's Greenroom).

After an open discussion during which the attendees could ask the panelists questions and share their own experiences, the UPM Breakfast was called to a close by Whelan, who thanked the participants and urged everyone to get involved with their Guild and attend the monthly Council meetings whenever they could.


In addition to Committee Co-Chairs Lynn Appelle, Frank Covino and Thomas Whelan, the UPM Committee’s members are Adam Brightman, David Chambers, Will Greenfield, Joe Guest, Leslie Gyson, Patty Doherty Hess, Daniel Hank, Richard Lederer, Rosemary Lombard, Stephen Lippross, Claudine Marrotte, Brian Papworth, Carla Raij, Carlos Vazquez, Canella Williams-Larrabee and Mikki Ziska.


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