2AD Tea

2021 2nd AD Tea

March 20, 2021 Hosted by the Eastern AD/UPM Council 2nd AD Committee

On March 20, 2nd AD DGA members from the Eastern region came together online for the virtual version of the Eastern AD/UPM Council 2nd AD Committee’s annual 2nd AD Tea. The event was an opportunity for members of this category to discuss current topics that affect the 2nd AD community.

Following a welcome from 2nd AD Committee Co-Chair Jeremy Marks, the attendees heard more about how the day would proceed and an invitation to get more involved from Committee Co-Chair Arianne Apicelli.

The participants then separated into breakout discussion groups moderated by Marks, Apicelli and Committee Co-Chair Anastasia Folorunso, and Committee members Alana Bonilla, Rachel Jaros, Dan Majkut, Jack McKenna, Rob Tierney and Dana Zolli. Topics of discussion included: proper staffing, managing hours, negotiating with UPMs, mentoring, diversity and making use of the Guild’s Availability Lists. There was also a special discussion of COVID-related topics that included: day-playing in the time of COVID, prepping on zoom, and how 2nd AD jobs have shifted and what it means for the future.

The morning concluded with the breakout groups reassembling for a wrap-up session moderated by Folorunso.

About the Committee

The Eastern AD/UPM Council Second Assistant Directors Committee addresses issues that concern the members of this category and encourages dialogue amongst members in an effort to bring awareness, devise solutions to problems and continue education and growth. The Committee is co-chaired by Arianne Apicelli, Anastasia Folorunso and Jeremy Marks. The members include: Arusha Baker, Senica Billingsley, Alana Bonilla, Zach Citarella, Kailyn Dabkowski, Pam Giangreco, Eddie Griffith, Jason Hightower, Ryan Robert Howard, Rachel Jaros, Amrita Kundu, Steve Lafferty, Matt Lake, Cary Lee, Dan Majkut, Les McDonough, Jack McKenna, Kristina Peterson, Michael Reichman, Jeff Sedwick, John Silvestri, Rob Tierney, Woodrow Travers, Chris Vendetti and Dana Zolli.

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