Director Eliza Hittman discusses Rarely Never Sometimes Always

Director Eliza Hittman discusses Never Rarely Sometimes Always

February 3, 2021 A DGA Virtual Q&A

A pair of teenage girls try to deal with an unintended pregnancy in Director Eliza Hittman’s drama, Never Rarely Sometimes Always.

Hittman’s film tells the story of Autumn and Skylar, cousins and inseparable best friends who are navigating adolescence in rural Pennsylvania. When Autumn finds herself pregnant and hemmed in by conservative legislation, the duo board a bus bound for New York to find the help she needs.

On February 3, Hittman discussed the making of Never Rarely Sometimes Always in a DGA Virtual Q&A moderated by Director Greta Gerwig (Little Women).

During the conversation, Hittman spoke about how she used rehearsal to help her actors find their performances. “As a Director, I'm not a magician. I can't just make those performances and the movie happen without a real process and you have to find ways to carve it out for yourself otherwise it gets trampled over. With the girls, I tried to spend two to three days with them and I brought them to my apartment — away from the movie and away from the production and away from a rehearsal space — because I just wanted it to be us spending time together."

Hittman’s other directorial credits include the feature films It Felt Like Love and Beach Rats; and episodes of 13 Reasons Why and High Maintenance.

Hittman has been a DGA member since 2017.

You can listen to Hittman's Q&A by clicking the podcast episode embedded below. You can find more DGA podcast episodes here.

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