AAC April 2021

Self Care: Staying Sane During the Pandemic

April 27, 2021 A DGA Asian American Committee Virtual Event

On April 27, the Asian American Committee’s (AAC) meeting featured the panel discussion, Self Care: Staying Sane During the Pandemic.

In a conversation moderated by moderated by Former AAC Co-Chair Michael Goi (Megan Is Missing, American Horror Story), Director Dan Liu (Kung Fu, NCIS: Los Angeles), 1st AD TK Shom (The Rookie, Saved by the Bell), Corporate Wellness Consultant and Global Mental Health Keynote Speaker Jeanie Y. Chang, and The Actors Fund Looking Ahead Program Social Work Supervisor Chris Smith discussed topics such as the additional pressure of working during the pandemic, and how to maintain mental health and creativity during times of unrest.

Following a welcome by AAC Alternate Co-Chair Ian Truitner, Liu discussed stresses of working as a director during the Pandemic, Shom discussed how a 1st AD deals with those issues and both gave examples of how they've adjusted filming routines to fit COVID protocols. Chang and Smith gave tips to creating a routine that works for you, looking for things that give joy and the importance of sleep hygiene to maintaining mental health.

After the moderated portion of the event, the panelists took questions from the online audience.

About the Asian American Committee:

The Asian American Committee (AAC) was created as a networking group to provide a forum for interests and issues that concern Asian-American Guild members. Through outreach efforts in the entertainment industry that emphasize career development and skills enhancement, the committee provides a variety of networking opportunities as well as screenings, seminars and discussions with industry professionals. The current AAC Co-Chairs are Directors Kabir Akhtar, Kai Kim and Lily Mariye.


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