AAC Jan Event

Making an Excellent Impression: The Relationship with the EP/Writer

January 26, 2021 A DGA Asian American Committee Virtual Event

On January 26, the Asian American Committee’s (AAC) meeting featured the panel discussion, Making an Excellent Impression: The Relationship with the EP/Writer.

In a conversation moderated by AAC Co-Chair Lily Mariye (The Walking Dead: World Beyond), Executive Producer/Writers Shannon Goss (The Terror: Infamy), Kyle Harimoto (NCIS: Los Angeles) and Melinda Hsu Taylor (Nancy Drew) discussed what executives look for in general meetings, and how they work to connect the series they cover with Directors. They also shared helpful insights on how Directors can get that elusive first episodic assignment, get asked back to a series, the value of networking, and how they find emerging Directors and work to expand the pool of talent in the industry.

Following the moderated portion of the event, the panelists took questions from the online audience.

About the Asian American Committee:

The Asian American Committee (AAC) was created as a networking group to provide a forum for interests and issues that concern Asian-American Guild members. Through outreach efforts in the entertainment industry that emphasize career development and skills enhancement, the committee provides a variety of networking opportunities as well as screenings, seminars and discussions with industry professionals. The current AAC Co-Chairs are Directors Kabir Akhtar, Kai Kim and Lily Mariye.

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