Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the QL (But Was Afraid to Ask)

October 26, 2020 An Eastern Diversity Steering Committee panel discussion

On October 26, during their online meeting, the Eastern Diversity Steering Committee (EDSC) featured a panel about the Qualifications Lists (QL).

In a conversation moderated by Associate Director/EDSC Co-Chair Joyce Thomas (CBS Media Distribution), UPM/Eastern AD/UPM Council Chair Lyn Pinezich (Hillbilly Elegy), UPM/ Eastern AD/UPM Council Alternate Canella Williams-Larrabee (Evil) and DGA Senior Field Representative Bart Daudelin demystified the Assistant Director/Unit Production Manager Qualification List and the New York City Metropolitan-Area Affirmative Action Exception to the QL.

Daudelin gave an overview of the purpose and scope of the QL and criteria required for New York, Los Angeles and “Third Area” lists for Entertainment, as well as the Commercial QL. Pinezich and Williams-Larrabee shared their personal journeys on “getting their days” and gave the attendees advice on putting their books together.

The panelists also discussed the affirmative action exception to the New York QL and its benefits and limitations. During the conversation, the attending members had the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists and were encouraged to follow up with Guild staff for additional guidance when preparing to submit their books.

About the Committee:

The Eastern Diversity Steering Committee represents the concerns of Guild members of African, Asian, Native American, Arab-Middle Eastern or Latino descent residing in the East. Committed to improving the employment opportunities, working conditions and the skills of ethnically diverse Guild members, the Committee sponsors workshops, seminars, round-table discussions and networking events to showcase the talents of its members, recognize their contributions and increase their visibility in the industry. The Committee’s current Co-Chairs are Directors Jono Oliver and Louis Venosta and Associate Director Joyce A. Thomas.

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