SFCC AM 2018

SFCC Hosts 2018 Annual General Membership Meeting

May 12, 2018 A San Francisco Coordinating Committee Event

On May 12, the DGA’s San Francisco Coordinating Committee (SFCC) welcomed members from all categories to the 2018 edition of their Annual General Membership Meeting and Reception. Bay Area Guild members assembled at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel, where SFCC Chair John Morse welcomed the attendees and introduced the event’s special guest, DGA Associate National Executive Director/Western Executive Director Danny Bush.

Bush was there to deliver a briefing on the state of the Guild and what the DGA is doing on behalf of its members, which included an overview of the newly negotiated agreements with the AMPTP. He also focused on what was most relevant for members living in the Bay Area such as changes to the newly negotiated Commercial Agreement that will enable Bay Area members to find more work, and touched on what’s next for the Guild.

After Bush’s briefing, DGA Field Representative Gabe Kahsay gave a report from the national office. Other reports included a list detailing the productions occurring in the Bay Area given by Committee member Frank Simeone, upcoming educational events from Education/Mentoring Sub-Committee Chair Jani Vournas, and a local screenings report by Morse.

The official business concluded with the nomination and election of candidates for the SFCC Executive Committee. Rachel Caproni, Ted Leonard and Lindsay Moorhead were elected to serve until 2020.  Current SFCC Treasurer Jerremy Stewart was also re-elected to serve for that period. Continuing to serve on the SFCC executive committee until 2019 are Mike Doto, Amyn Kaderali, Jani Vournas and Current Chair John Morse.

The Officers for 2018-2020 will be elected at the next meeting on June 20, 2018. Additionally, one member of the SFCC Executive Committee, who was serving a term through 2019, recently stepped down. A nomination to fill the position was made by the current Chair John Morse, and that nomination will also be voted on at the next meeting.

About the Committee:

The San Francisco Coordinating Committee was formed in 1978 to coordinate Guild activities in the Bay Area. The Committee hosts a number of educational presentations and networking events during the year, in order to fulfill its objectives of facilitating the exchange of ideas, maintaining contacts with other guilds and unions, and furthering professional opportunities for all Northern California DGA members.


photos by Doug Birnbaum

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A San Francisco Coordinating Committee Event
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A San Francisco Coordinating Committee Event