2018 DGA Health Fairs in Los Angeles & New York

2018 DGA Health Fairs in Los Angeles and New York

October 20, 2018 DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans Events

More than 500 DGA members and their dependents received free flu shots during the 2018 Health Fairs in Los Angeles and New York. Hosted by the DGA-Producer Pension and Health Plans, all members were encouraged to attend these fairs. DGA Foundation covered the cost of flu shots for participants not covered under the Health Plan and provided refreshments.

The Health Fair at Guild headquarters in Los Angeles on October 6th also provided benefits information directly from Pension & Health Plans representatives and their affiliate organizations, educational seminars, and a guided tour of the Plans website, dgaplans.org.

On October 20, members from the Eastern region were able to get their flu shots and find out more about their benefits at the Health Fair in the DGA’s New York Theater. Members from this area had also been encouraged to take advantage of the Pension and Health Plans Private sessions that took place in New York on October 18th and 19th.

As a bonus, both fairs also offered free neck and shoulder massages and raffles where attendees had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes including a brand new Apple watch.

(NOTE: Los Angeles-based members can schedule an in-person meeting and any member can make an appointment for a phone meeting with a DGA-Producer Pension and Health representative at any time by calling 323-866-2200.)


photos by Byron Gamarro (Los Angeles) and Marcie Revens (New York)

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