VH146 Warren Adler
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Warren Adler

Interviewed by: Jay D. Roth

Former Associate National Executive Director, Warren Adler, shares invaluable insights about the Guild's negotiating history from his extensive involvement on 11 of the Guild's Basic Agreement and FLTTA negotiations cycles over a 32-year career at the DGA.

On the Professional Staff and Elected Leadership

Former DGA Associate National Executive Director Warren Adler shares his thoughts on the Guild's successful relationship between the professional staff and the elected leadership.

On the Guild's One Director to a Film Policy

Adler talks about the Basic Agreement's important provision that there can only be one director for a film and explains how director teams fit into that principle.

On Creative Rights Negotiations

Adler gives an overview of the structure behind negotiations and how creative rights are negotiated differently than the economic elements of the Basic Agreement.