Ted Kotcheff interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Ted Kotcheff

Interviewed by: Jeremy Kagan

Ted Kotcheff tells boisterous and insightful stories from his 60-year directing career beginning in live television drama, and including classic feature films like First Blood and North Dallas Forty, as well as 12 years executive producing Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Director Ted Kotcheff describes coming up with a completely new ending to First Blood while on the set, and how it paid off when test audiences did not like the originally planned ending of John Rambo committing suicide.

Kotcheff discusses the importance of the first and last shots of a film, using North Dallas Forty as an example.

Kotcheff stresses the importance of auditioning actors in person, and his devotion to casting through 12 years at Law & Order: Special Victims Unit allowed him to meet with an astonishing number of actors.