Roger Goodman interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Roger Goodman

Interviewed by: Brett Holey

Roger Goodman is a director and producer of television news, sports, and live events who was instrumental in ABC’s rise through the 1970’s and ‘80s with credits ranging from ABC’s World News Tonight, to presidential elections, breaking news, the Olympic Games and The Academy Awards.

Roger Goodman recalls 1984-'85, a pinnacle period in his career in News, Sports, and Live Events when he directed two Olympic Games, two political conventions, Election Night, as well as the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl Halftime show, and a Presidential Inauguration.

Goodman reflects on his experience directing the news coverage of the unfolding events of September 11, 2001, for which ABC won a Peabody Award, including the difficult decisions he made as to what to show, and what not to show viewers.

Goodman calls the proudest accomplishment of his career receiving the DGA's Lifetime Achievement Award in News Direction in 2010 and how he felt while receiving a standing ovation from his peers.