Randa Haines Interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Randa Haines

Interviewed by: Joan Tewkesbury

Director Randa Haines (Children of a Lesser God, The Ron Clark Story) discusses her career in feature films and movies for television, sharing, among other highlights, how she selected Marlee Matlin from a background role and directed her to an Oscar-winning performance.

Director Randa Haines discusses how she came to find and cast an unknown 19 year-old Marlee Matlin for the lead role in Children of a Lesser God.

Haines describes how she directed the inexperienced Matlin to an Academy Award-winning performance in Children of a Lesser God, and how the performance of a flamenco dancer in Carlos Saura's Carmen became their reference point for the character.

Haines recalls the real world effect of her successful television movie, Something About Amelia, which openly dealt with the previously unexplored issue of incest.