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This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Norberto Barba

Interviewed by: Jesús Treviño

Director Norberto Barba reflects on his career in episodic television, his tenure as a leader in the Guild and his hopes for what the future of representation in Directing will entail.

On His Work Methodology as an Episodic Director

Director Norberto Barba gives insight into how he’s learned to establish himself when acting as an episodic Director and how he includes colleagues in crafting the episodes.

On How Grimm Became One of the Highlights in His Episodic Career

Barba reflects on the beginnings of Grimm and how he established one of the most collaborative teams of his career.

On How He Acts on Furthering Director Representation

Barba discusses why he became involved in the diversity and mentorship programs to create a better foundation for representation in the Guild.