Lee Shallat Chemel Interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Lee Shallat Chemel

Interviewed by: Will Mackenzie

Television director and producer Lee Shallat Chemel (The Middle, Gilmore Girls, Murphy Brown) discusses her long career directing episodic comedy, how she got her start on Family Ties, and the importance of her Guild service.

Sitcom director Lee Shallat Chemel stresses the importance of quality rehearsal time in episodic television, especially for getting guest stars up to speed with the regular cast.

Lee Shallat Chemel shares how she prepares her shot list and the how she uses proportioned schematics to prepare for blocking on the set.

Shallat Chemel recalls serving on the 2001 negotiations team and the importance of achieving the historic blended contract which codified that directors were paid the same rate for primetime dramatic programming regardless of whether the show is shot on film, videotape, or digital video.