Joe Dante Hero
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Joe Dante

Interviewed by: Eli Roth

Director Joe Dante looks back on his 40-year career directing feature films such as Gremlins and The ‘Burbs; movies for television such as The Second Civil War and many episodes of television including Masters of Horror, CSI: NY and Hawaii Five-O -- sharing insights into his directorial process.

On Gremlins

Director Joe Dante discusses his film Gremlins and how he approached the creatures’ comic yet lethal sensibilities.

On Being a Director

Dante believes the key part of being a director is making all collaborators feel invested in the project.

On Key Themes from his Childhood

Dante considers his childhood in the 1950s and how it affected his desire to make films with dark, absurd themes such as Matinee, Innerspace, and The Howling.