Visual History 187 Henry Chan
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Henry Chan

Interviewed by: Sandy Tung

Henry Chan (A Different World, Moesha, Fresh Off the Boat, 100 Days) discusses his 30-plus year career directing episodic television and feature films, his beginnings as an editor, and his involvement in the Asian American Committee.

Director Henry Chan points out two important lessons he learned about directing a situation comedy: timing and searching for the jokes that aren't on the page.

Chan tells how he got his start directing African-American comedies like A Different World and Moesha and how he believes his shared foundation as an outsider allowed him to bring a similar perspective to the shows.

Chan recalls advice from Ang Lee comparing filmmaking to making a meal and discusses how working as an editor allowed him to feel more confident in knowing what he needs as a director, especially when time is of the essence.