Fred Levinson Interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Fred Levinson

Interviewed by: Dan Levinson

Fred Levinson directed some of the most iconic advertising spots during the “golden age of advertising” for the largest agencies and corporations of the time. Levinson looks back at the commercials that shaped his career, as well as his brief foray into feature film directing.

Director Fred Levinson discusses his role in creating the famous O.J. Simpson commercials for Hertz.

Levinson recalls working with writer Phil Dusenberry on Ronald Reagan's 1984 Republican Convention video, which is considered one of the most effective political films ever, and his actual shot that led to the campaign theme, "Morning In America."

Levinson shares a time when he had to close a commercial set for ethical reasons when a product really didn't work as advertised and the pressures he faced for that ethical decision.