Andrew V. McLaglen Interview
This is a Visual History Recording

Visual History with Andrew V. McLaglen

Interviewed by: Mary McLaglen

Veteran Western and action director Andrew McLaglen (Shenandoah, The Wild Geese, Gunsmoke) discusses directing both feature films and episodic television, and how close working relationships with John Wayne and James Stewart shaped his career.

After 10 years as an Assistant Director, Andrew V. McLaglen convinced John Wayne to financially back his first directorial effort, Man In The Vault, and when it time came to shoot, McLaglen's training served him well.

McLaglen recalls how directing James Arness in the feature Gun The Man Down led to him directing 96 episodes of Gunsmoke over six years, in addition to other long runs on episodic television through the early 1960's.

McLaglen describes how he joined the DGA as a young 2nd Assistant Director after working in an aircraft factory during World War II, and many older members were still serving in the military overseas.