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Will Mackenzie is a veteran television director, having helmed episodes of over 60 series (Family Ties, Reba, Everybody Loves Raymond, Newhart), numerous movies for television (Perfect Harmony, Stormy Weathers, Family Ties Vacation, A Hobo’s Christmas), and the feature film Worth Winning (1989).

For his directorial efforts Mackenzie has won three DGA Awards for episodes of Moonlighting (1986, 1987) and Family Ties (1988). He has also been nominated for six Primetime Emmys for two episodes of Moonlighting, two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond, and an episode each of Family Ties, and Scrubs. Mackenzie was a member of the Guild’s National Board from 1993-1995 and a trustee of the Directors Guild Foundation from 1992-2001.

Lee Shallat Chemel Interview
by  Will  Mackenzie
February 29, 2008