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Terry Benson

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Terry Benson, son of Karl Genus, is a New York PTV Stage Manager who worked on local and national programs at WNET-13, including The Metropolitan Opera HD, DuPont Columbia Awards, Carnegie Hall Opening Night, and election coverage. In 2007 he received the DGA’s Franklin J. Schaffner Award, given to an Associate Director or Stage Manager in recognition of their service to the industry and the DGA.

After joining the DGA in 1970, Benson has been a regular member of the Eastern AD/SM/PA Council since the early 70's, serving at various times as Chair, 1st Vice-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer. Benson also served on the DGA National Board from 1997-1999, and as shop steward at WNET-13 from 1975 - 2002.

Genus Interview
by  Terry  Benson
May 23, 2006